Whilst working as Poet In Residence at The Swan Theatre, Andrew Shaw developed an anonymous art and writing project outside of the traditional mainstream.

Organizing a network of global collaborators; known artists who enjoyed the freedom of anonymous, undocumented projects, Andrew synchronized a series of street art events and installations. He called this project ‘the silent academy’.

For over a decade Andrew led the project to install pieces that would simultaneously appear in remote locations. From Barcelona to Brisbane. From Manchester to Los Angeles. From Ladakh to New York and San Paulo. These small installations were designed to inspire a sense of magic realism and to celebrate the impermanence of all things.  

In 2018 Andrew decided to bring the silent academy above ground. By employing his existing network and professional experience, he began to launch the silent academy as a multi-media press for art, literature, and music.

With an aim to represent artists working outside of the mainstream,  the silent academy endeavors to employ contemporary methods of engagement, whilst promoting pieces of art and the distribution of artifacts.

The silent academy aims to celebrate place, process, and occasion, and to produce only tangible objects.

The silent academy seeks to inspire, not by standing on the outside looking in, but by standing on the outside looking further out.