we have had the great pleasure of working with artists all around the world.

many projects have been supported by known artists who have worked anonymously.

in the spirit of the silent academy many projects were not recorded or documented.

since july of 2017 we have come above ground.

archive of sky:

current project. for more information visit the archive of sky description


photographic installation at Con-Temporary Art Observatorium, lavagna, italy. october 4 – october 21 2018. here, ego is not meant as egotism or self-referentialism, but as the acceptation of the latin word for “i exist”, thus existence as expression of self, in the sharing of one’s own experience with others.

mainly anonymous artists writing independent art and music coverage. no adverts. no bullshit. focus on the best in genre, regardless of genre. this ongoing piece is a display of modern digital best-practices, perverted by the removal commercialism, ego and first person reportage.


writing poetic koan-like couplets that describe impossible images. placing those couplets onto 2-inch white card marking tags. hanging those tags on landmarks.

imagine a world where nothing breaks –  

a ten-day walking tour of the kathmandu valley. parchment scrolls were placed onto the altars at earthquake-ruined religious sites.

the scrolls read एक संसारलाई कल्पना गर्नुहोस् जुन केहि पनि छैन. “imagine a world where nothing breaks” or “imagine a world of nothing”


the globally synchronized walking mediation. ambient music is shared, via headphones and a poetic koan is issued for response from all participants. responses we stored and later burned in a remote location in the Colorado Rockies.